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European home design & decor digital wholesale platform

The future of digital wholesale is here.

Join now.

Upgrade your selling experience

Increase your online presence with minimal costs

Easily connect with business buyers from around Europe. 

Get the tools and know-how to build a successful e-commerce presence for your business. 

Grow your business.

Expand to new territories without high costs or language barriers

Reach new buyers and serve existing ones more effectively

Get unlimited customer support to guide you through the entire journey



Custom storefront

Set up a store that showcases your brand. Differentiate yourself from the competition with a full store dedicated to your products - no coding or design skills required.

Customer support

Be sure you're supported throughout your digital journey - our customer success team is here for you. From extensive onboarding help to account optimization tips.

Data analytics

Optimize your every move with in-depth data and customer insights from various dashboards.  

Chat with your clients

Get in touch with clients and have all your conversations, negotiations and deals stored in one place.

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Ready to grow your business online?


We aim to help small and medium sized brands in home design & decor industry grow in digital age.

"We respect and understand that, in the B2B world, most transactions are based on personal ties and long-term relationships.

However, we see that some processes take an unnecessarily long time and companies like yours lose time and money.

We want to help you with that."

Michal Orosz

Co-Founder of DECOSPOT​

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Digital buying experience

Discover and do business with unique European brands and manufacturers of home design & decor online.



Convenient way to discover, shop and compare products from European home deisng & decor brands in one place.

Verified sellers only

All sellers are thoroughly checked and verified before they can join our platform.


Greater transparency in product, service, and supploer availability - as well as in pricing and purchasing terms.

Increased efficiency

Digitalisation offloads buyers from asking for catalogs, stocks and prices. No need to place orders across multiple platforms or phone calls.

Simplify your buying process now


Frequently Asked Questions


Chat with our support team

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions during working hours instantly.

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